Getting Started with Referrals

If you're new to the world of referral programs (sometimes called “affiliate programs”), or if you just need some fresh ideas, here are some suggestions on how you can promote your Refer-a-Grower link.

  • Write a blog post talking about the software: Aquaponics AI vs other products, a roundup of digital tools, an honest review of the software, how to scale an aquaponics system, a tutorial, “Why I use/switched to”
  • Send a newsletter: If you have a weekly or monthly newsletter, this is a perfect way to promote your new referral link. You can introduce Aquaponics AI to your audience, promote a blog post (like one of the topics mentioned above), or promote one of your products with a sale or something that piques interest.
  • Link to the aquaponic libraries & books, features, or any of our articles
  • Make a video or article about aquaponic resources: You could turn a blog article idea into a video, film a live product review, or incorporate Aquaponics AI into your daily vlog (i.e. - “before I start work, I check my Aquaponics AI dashboard…"). The sky's the limit!
  • Record a podcast
  • Add the referral link to your website
  • Talk about it on social media

You can get your special Refer-a-Grower link by signing up for the affiliate program. This will give you a unique suffix for the URL like this and if you want to link to a different page all you have to do is append that to any URL:


Aquaponics AI Logo, Images and Guidelines

We have assembled a collection of content that you can use to help your referral content. You can download the assets as well as the guidelines here.